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Shawn Wilson

srwilson@ioswitch.devPO Box 10905
PGP Fingerprint:Oakland, CA 94610
BD8A 77EE 8991 9B51 5D73 E795 B8AB 96D5 2BF0 B6D4(202) 505-3363
  • Experience in:
    • Writing queries in SQL, XPath, and REST
    • Using text processors and DSLs like jq, yq, csv, tsv, xml, TeX
    • x509, ocsp/crl, fpki, and extended UIDs in general
    • Crypto hardware: HSMs, smartcards, pgpcard, FIDO, and HC Vault/KMS/secrets management systems
    • Splunk and Elastic+logstash+fluentbit/syslog
    • Chef, Ansible, AWS Cloudformation, and Terraform
  • Deep knowledge of:
    • regex and globs
    • Bash, Perl, Ruby, Python
    • Linux (including some kernel level module/udev topics)
    • git (refer to my blog post on it – see link below)

I have been writing blog posts (and supporting code) about Linux firewall deployments, systemd, linux containers. I am studying for the professional Kubernetes certificates, learning rust, and extending the Grype database. I’m an Extra class Amateur Radio operator. I publish a blog on random technologies that interest me.


DevOps Engineer
Jotform – San Francisco, CA Nov 2022 Sep 2023
  • Maintained servers and infrastructure on Google Cloud platform
  • Created new Terraform modules and Ansible roles
  • Wrote a Bash script to look at each cert running on a server and report on how many days until it expired
Junior Vulnerability Management Engineer
Jacobs – Herndon, VA Jan 2021 Aug 2021
  • Analyzed remediation and false positive submissions for accuracy
  • Built a powershell script to flag false positives
Senior Systems Admin
Innotac (contract: USCIS) – Falls Church, VA Feb 2016 July 2020
  • Worked with 3 AWS accounts containing multiple VPCs to their own Cisco CSR/DirectConnect and multiple deployments/environments
  • Designed and implemented a deployment strategy for RHEL/CentOS systems in AWS (created shell scripts, cloudformation templates, updated packer scripts, chef cookbooks)
  • Managed two coworkers to upgrade a large Chef environment (version 11 to 14), repo cleanup, and supermarket deployment
  • Implemented Hashicorp Vault (including OIDC sign in and AWS instance authentication for host secrets)
  • Created a chef resource (LWRP) to create iptables rules from protocol/application rule definitions and created a Splunk dashboard to show iptables log data across all servers
  • Investigated and explained or remediated security audit findings
  • Made sure that deployments only used internal resources
  • Created Groovy libraries and workflows to allow push button deployments and environment updates in Jenkins
  • Created/maintained Chef and Jenkins integrations with each other and AWS (boto3), packer, vault, Chef Minimart, etc.
Systems Admin
KoreLogic Security – Deale, MD Dec 2012 Dec 2015
  • Maintained Gentoo and Ubuntu Linux systems at three different geographic locations
  • Maintained password cracking hardware, Raritan KVMs, and other hardware
  • Wrote a Perl script that analyzes and efficiently presents data from iptables log lines
  • Wrote a Perl module that generates iptables rules from a Perl data structure (NF-Save)
  • Wrote a Bash script that starts tmux sessions and runs predefined commands
  • Wrote a Perl script that packs sourced bash ‘modules’ sourced from a script
  • Wrote a bash script to monitor hosts (mon-hosts)

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